Codice Etico per la ristorazione a Montepulciano

Ristorante Il Covo aderisce al Codice Etico per la Ristorazione promosso dal Comune di Montepulciano.

Il Covo… the restaurant of traditions

"Il Covo"…. the restaurant of traditions, the place where we house, keep and reintroduce the recipes of our ancestors, the genuineness of the used products, the love for cooking, in according to the ancient recipes in oder to offer the real flavours of the cooking of our family. Eating by “Ristorante Il Covo” means eating courses, which are prepared with local products and fresh vegetables in season. Our pasta is handmade; our dishes are all made to order, to guarantee the freshness and the genuineness. We also add our phantasy to the tradition, and we create some dishes, which reflect our recipes with a touch of originality.

The "Ristorante Il Covo" is: homemade pasta, fresh vegetables soups in according with the seasons, grilled T-bone steaks, thinly sliced raw meat, filet steaks, which are barbecued…, and then the game, our very tasty wild boar and a selection of recipes of fresh salt-water fish, which the chefs propose with intense passion and great success. Finally our pizza, which is baked with a natural 24h-long rising, in order to become highly digestible, crisp and light. 

The "Ristorante Il Covo" is the haunt for people who know how to eat well
and for everybody who wants to continue to do it with a glass of good wine in the hand too.”


The grilled meat

The grilled meat of Il Covo Restaurant in MontepulcianoThe grilled T-bone steak is barbecued with oak wood, which emanates a fragrant scent and gives our meat an intense taste. In addition...

The fish

The fish at Il Covo Restaurant in MontepulcianoA small selection of dishes with very fresh salt-water fish, which we change in according with the market’s supply, family recipes...

The pizza

The pizza of Ristorante Il CovoOur pizza with a natural 24h-long rising is baked for a fragrant, light and very digestible result....

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Ristoranti a MontepulcianoStrada per Chianciano, 1/3
53045 Montepulciano (SI)

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